VendaFare is an integrated marketing and e-commerce platform that brings unlimited catalog choices specific to the restaurant operator's needs, including but not limited to; menu design, printing, social media, website, online ordering, digital menu boards, etc. These catalogs can be linked to "loyalty dollar" spending accounts, but can also be leveraged by promoting gift cards, promo codes and/or aggregated volume discount shopping opportunities for the independent operator.

What if you could help your customers?

  • Improve their marketing efforts?
  • Save time spent on trying to manage their menu?
  • Measurably increase their sales & profits?

What would this do for you?

  • Open new doors – everyone likes to talk about how they could make more money.
  • Protect accounts – put another plus in your value column, it’s sticky and hard to walk away from.
  • Penetrate accounts – leverage marketing services to become a primary vendor.
  • Drive cases up – if your customers are selling more you are selling more!

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